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Dear Members

Good news!  The Hort Soc marquee and Summer Show will now be going ahead in July this year.  We also intend to run a mini Plant Sale over the first weekend of May with a selection of plants and vegetables donated by members set out on tables outside Nightingale Old Farm.  Everyone will be able to help themselves in exchange for a donation. Finally, the fruit tree and rose pruning courses that we had planned for last Autumn and which we hoped to start this Spring will now be postponed until the Autumn. 

Members’ annual subscriptions will be generally waived this year, the exceptions being for members who enter anything for the Summer Show or participate in coach outings (or other events) if any, or attend the Christmas Party.  For anybody that wants to make a “donation” of their subscription (as a number of generous members did in 2020), please get in touch with us at info@wvshortsoc.co.uk so that we can make arrangements.

There will be a new set of Summer Challenges starting in June with something for all ages.  In particular, we are looking forward to launching the 2021 Chilli Challenge which will need to entered and judged in the Summer Show. If anyone has any ideas for challenges that they would like us to organise, send them to info@wsvhortsoc.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do!

Best wishes to you all from the Committee – like you, we can’t wait to get back to normal!  Please check the Events section where you will be able to keep an eye on when we expect this might be, and what events we expect to be going ahead.



We will be organising a variety of challenges again this year for both children and adults that can be completed and exhibited remotely. 

These challenges are for fun only and no formal winners will be chosen, but all entries will be 'exhibited' on our website and/or by email, with special commendations made for those that have shown particular effort or imagination!  We are also hoping to feature some on the noticeboard on the Green so that you can have a look at them when you are out walking. 

While some of the challenges are aimed specifically at children, entries are open to all who are 'young at heart', so please don't feel excluded if you can no longer reasonably be described as a 'child'! 

There is no entry fee, and entries are open to all residents in the village and surrounding area - please feel free to pass this information to local families, regardless of whether or not they are members of the Horticultural Society.


Go Cardless - Membership Subscriptions


More members have now taken up this payment option.  If you are interested please let me know and I can email you an electronic application. Alternatively, you can access it by going to the Join Us page on the website and click the Go Cardless red button. This will take you directly to the subscription paying page for the Horticultural Society. Please be assured that it is a very secure system, covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee and when in place will debit the Horticultural Society annual subscription (£3) on the 1st April each year. Please note that it will always notify you in advance of taking the direct debit and you will have the opportunity to decline at that time or any other time.  Please note that you will need to sign up before 1st April if you wish to join the scheme this year.

The advantage of using this system is that it lessens the risk of your membership lapsing if our “collectors” keep calling when you’re out.  For those of you who don't want to subscribe this way, if you live locally, we will continue to try and collect your subscription by calling on you.

Kind regards

John Rowland - Membership Secretary

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Sunflower Competition 2021